Summer is here!

Hello! It’s been so busy over here, what with continued focus on my chronic health issues, homeschooling my now 6 (and a half!) year old, a couple of moves across country, and settling into our new lives. During that time, my son learned to read and after moving to our current location I re-discovered Usborne Books & More and it was immediately clear that I HAD to get these some of these books free for my little darling, and at a discount in the future for our continuing homeschool journey. And so here I am, a pretty content homeschool mom whose hubby signed up with the company to ensure our son continues his love of reading and love of learning.

With the business of life (especially summer!), it can be challenging to continually “discover the treasure within,” per my blog tagline, but focusing on this can remind us who we are, how far we’ve come, and where we want to go. When we forget that treasure that we alone possess, we can become lonely. Hardened, even. One thing I have found inadvertently helpful, in the midst of all the recent changes in our lives, is that I have been pretty much unable to live in the past or dwell on the future. Being forced to live in the present moments has kept that treasure within secure and strong, and for this I am grateful. In those moments of being fully in the moment, I reconnect with the people in my life and even with myself.

And then comes along the mediocrity of life, yes? We find ourselves simply going through the motions, and without even noticing, that sweetness loses it’s magic, for it has been untended. No longer have we been feeding our precious treasure through embracing what is NOW. No longer have we been taking time to connect with our friends. Our Families. Ourselves. Enter: Loneliness.  That deep, sorrowful, abiding feeling of loss that comes from losing sight of what matters. The treasure that lies within is lost, and we fumble in the darkness, wondering if it was the full moon that caused this, or something someone said, or the past creeping in… any number of ideas. Stop. Breathe. Inhale life. Exhale the unwanted emotions. We feel, we accept, we let go. And live again. And thus concludes the beginning to my summer! 😉

I would love to know what your favorite part of summer has been so far, and about the children in your lives (students, nieces, nephews, grandchildren etc).  Comment below and let’s get re-acquainted! 🙂


Feel it. Embody it. Wear it like crowned jewels.

The author of this article makes one WANT to feel, even when it seems as though it would be easier to hide under a rock.

This is not a time to run away

Be Different – Coloring Page and Affirmation

Think fresh! Be different!

Individual Empowerment

This is one of the pages from the free coloring book I created, “Peace, Love & Weirdness“.

Be Different coloring page

Affirmation for Weirdness
I am weird.

I appreciate being different.

Creating more weirdness is good.

There is balance in being weird. Weird is wonderful.

Normal does not exist. Average is a measurement.

Typical is comfortable. Different is energizing.

Different fuels innovation.

I am weird and weird is wonderful.


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Paleo “BRAT” Diet: The Definitive Stomach Flu Guide

Thankfully, I am not suffering from the stomach bug (I hope not, at least!), but rather food poisoning. “Funny” how it’s the same symptoms. At any rate, moving from the BRAT diet into this one after digestive issues is helping me. I hope it helps you, too, one day.


It’s finally autumn! And you know what that means: carving pumpkins, colorful leaves, kids going back to school, apple season and… the imminent threat of catching the stomach flu. Yep, it’s already going around! And I think we can all agree that stomach bugs are absolutely no fun whatsoever. Flu season tends to rev up …

Source: Paleo “BRAT” Diet: The Definitive Stomach Flu Guide