Poetry: “You Just Need To…” – Individual Empowerment

I haven’t been too swell at keeping up with my own posts (my boy is no longer a homeschooler and while one would THINK this gives me more time, I’m running around more than ever, it seems!). I do get a chance here and there to catch something worth sharing with you, however.

Don’t hesitate to click the link below. It’s a quick read and the last line is poignant. Definitely worth your time, which is precious.


What you need to hear.

Source: Poetry: “You Just Need To…” – Individual Empowerment



Nice Girls vs. Kind Women – One Willow Apothecaries

distorted media that surrounds us, a dimness that we swim in as if it were most natural of waters, I cannot help but have a righteous wave roll up to break in my heart. Is it time we reclaimed our own ability to self define. To take back our self representation. Time to flesh out the image of women everywhere and be shown in our fullness. It is time to let go of the mild poison that is

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Fact or Perception?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when …. wait that sounds so cliché’! Is it true? Is there really a time in EVERYONE’s life when something-something. Upon pondering that thought a bit more deeply than I intended (having just finished reading the heart-wrenching book My Sister’s Keeper), I do indeed think this axiom stands. Continue reading