Surprising book and library facts – seriously!

Heard of the National Library of Buhtan? The Library of Alexandria? How about the Library of Congress? Did you know George Washington had a book that was overdue years past his age??

Have fun delving into some fun history and current facts!


Did Tom Yates make creative fiction-based-on-a-true-story seem easy?


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I just finished watching “House of Cards,” the Netflix original series that is actually quite captivating starting Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey. The character Tom Yates offered a fresh literary component, like a soft, sultry breeze coming in through the window of a highly-charged, emotional house.

It reminds me how much I cringed during Journalism class as I begrudgingly removed colorful adjectives and stuck with “Just the facts, ma’am.” I realized then how much I enjoy creative writing. And yet… when it comes right down to it, I notice that I now get bogged down in facts and, unlike Tom Yates, I forget to allow my words to flow gently across the page to fill my readers eyes and move across their lips as they are pulled into the essence of the writing.

Inspire me with your all-time favorite books, both fiction and non-fiction, and let’s get some colorful prose flowing here!

Further inspire me with your own short paragraph showcasing your creativity! 😀

And btw… is this art of work based on a true story fact or fiction? For more reading on this, visit these websites.–geoff-dyer-fine-line-between-fact-and-fiction-nonfiction

60 Everyday Acts of Self-Care (repost)

I am an admin for a little online group that focuses on self-care for the homeschool parent (since I found next to none when I looked for myself), and someone in our group shared this great article with us. Obviously, we ALL need self-care, and it is something not limited to a certain group, so I share this with you here. Hugs and love to you and yours.


We’ve been on a couple of planes lately and I’m always struck when they remind passengers to put their own…

Source: 60 Everyday Acts of Self-Care for Busy Parents – Lulastic and the Hippyshake

Grief is a Life Transformation

These books help me in unexpected ways. “DIY Therapy: Healing Depression” is even more vital to me now that my dear MIL has passed. And the book that came out after this one, “Jody’s Garden,” is not solely a beautiful tribute to the author’s mother, but a giant hug of empathy and compassion and helpful ideas to help me work through my own recent loss.

If you, too, have experienced loss and found understanding in my recent writings, you will want to check out her website. She covers so many other topics, too, that aim to strengthen one.

Individual Empowerment

“Grief is a life transformation.”

Grief is a powerful transformation. Losing our loved ones to death changes our life.

  That person is no longer there, our plans together, our interactions and the future we saw with each other are gone.
  All the times I’ve experienced grief have been different. Some times have been similar, but my life has changed in varying degrees. Friends and family that were such a presence in my life have left me with voids. Make no mistake, for the most part, these are sad, lonely voids. However, they’ve also given me inspiration to live more profoundly, in a way that resonates with me, not with expectations I had or that society portrays. Each day I am present to this inspiration is a day where I feel myself growing into the most perfectly imperfectly person.
  My life has been transformed by grief so often…

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