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MAY 14, 2013

This evening I finished reading Leah Oviedo’s latest book, “How Will You Create Positive Change?”   4 SHow Will You Create Positive Changetars.

The author interviews several people about their volunteer work/non-profits (NPO) from topics such as the origin of the idea itself to tips for other humanitarian/entrepreneurial people. I enjoyed it so much that I actually used the resources listed to visit the individual websites/Facebook pages to get more information. Or simply to comment on that particular organization’s fantastic success or amazing idea.

Definitely worth your time to check it out! You can get it and her other books digitally today on Amazon and Bookemon.


Yesterday I finished reading the Rarities Unlimited series by Elizabeth Lowell. Loved the first one, as it was about manuscripts. Second, euh… not so much. The third one drew me in again so on I went to the last. Supposedly. The only problem is the the fourth one in the series never even mentioned the main shop or main characters. It merely had the same flavor. What a disappointment. Still a good book, mind you, but sorely lacking in being part of the ‘series.’ But according to her website I was misdirected and there is no “fourth” book in the series. You can read more detailed reviews on Goodreads (see my ‘bookshelf’ on home page.)

Rarities Unlimited

Moving Target


Running Scared

    (2002) (connected to the Donovans by secondary characters)

Die in Plain Sight

    (2003) (connected to the Donovans by secondary characters)


I bought this book for my going-on-16-year-old niece, after first perusing it myself (click on the book for the link, or here for the author’s website):

This page is for any of the following:

  • books that I’ve reviewed
  • book that I am by default recommending because I know the author,
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  • or otherwise

You just never know what book-related finds will be on this page!

*I will provide free book reviews in return for your book or an ARC copy of your book.

I have provided this service for RoadRunner Press as well as individual authors. Past book reviews have been posted on,, and wherever the book can be found or the publisher/author has recommended.

Book reviews include but are not limited to the following:

Lesson of the White EagleLesson of the White Eagle , by Barbara Hay (see review)

Stealing Kevin's HeartStealing Kevin’s Heart , by Scott M. Carter (read review)
Sailors of StonehengeSailors of Stonehenge by Manuel Vega (read review)

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a “shelf” on my page now so you can see other books I’ve read and any other reviews I’ve written.

And by the way, in case you aren’t currently signed up on there, they have a ton of terrific book giveaways, too. I’m not talking about “only” new writers that you’ve never heard of. I’m talking about New York Times best-selling authors, too.


2 thoughts on “Book Reviews”

  1. Thank you for the book review. I am so happy the book inspired you to learn more about the amazing people and organizations in “How Will You Create Positive Change?”.


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