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This week I’m really focused on self-care. It’s something that’s been hit-and-miss, although more miss, because I tend to “count” reading ABOUT it as DOING it. After all, I took time for ME to read stuff FOR me. As much as I love to read, reading about how to better myself is not actually making it happen. Reading IS one of my forms of self-care, but there’s a gnawing feeling that this particular piece of reading should not fall into that category. Kind of like… if you read about intimacy but never actually implemented any of those tips with your SO. Or maybe not like that at all. Tell me in the comments your thoughts on this!

One self-care method that I keep coming across is to set aside time to have fun. This is easier for some than for others. As a task-oriented person, I fall into that “other” category.  I also prefer time alone, so when I’m presented with the option to go out alone (sans child and husband), I often don’t. Or I instead ask the husband to just go somewhere with our little darling so I can be alone. You can guess what happens: laundry, vacuuming, etc. I wouldn’t say that I set out to sabotage myself, but on the never-ending list of things that simply need to be repeated, I certainly don’t include myself on that list.

I’ve committed the entire rest of the this summer to have fun, both with my family and friends and sometimes without either one (the latter will be easier for me!). The goal is to make having fun a habit! I have a few ideas for fun, but I would love your input on this journey, and especially to hear how you carve out time for yourself despite the to-do list. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far, on how to have fun for the introvert:

  • Sunset walks
  • Lake/beach time
  • Game nights
  • Using my Science museum membership more
  • Library
  • Reading for FUN not necessarily for learning or research
  • Star-gazing
  • Writing (yes, this is enjoyable and part of my “me” time!)

Shockingly, I am already off to a great start this summer! I went home for about 10 days and spent time with family and friends there. We went to the lake, the park, hung out and talked, ate together… It was good! And only last weekend, my little family nucleus went canoe-ing! All before I consciously made this decision to have fun. (Guess I was more ready than I thought haha)

What have you done so far to enjoy yourself, your family, your friends this summer?