“…the pain grafted to myself needed to be gently removed…”

Individual Empowerment

With a pain filled snarl you ask me why, “Why do you believe in me?

Because I’ve seen how much the path you’re on now looks so much like mine.  I spent what felt like a lifetime doubting myself. I held onto my pain and anger until a series of events collided into my life and caused me to question my long-held fears, my painful beliefs. I decided to try believing in myself the way others had told me they believed in me. Trusting their view was difficult, in fact trusting in my journey was the most challenging act I ever played. I was doubtful, timid, fearful of the bright light being just another dim bulb. At times a gasping cry was all I could give. But it was a rainy season and the seed of self-love began to sprout little green shoots of hope. I felt my roots growing stronger…

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