A warrior that loves almost sounds like an oxymoron. The word brings to mind a courageous fighter. Truth is, it takes some amount of bravery to truly love oneself, flaws and all.

Individual Empowerment

The new year is here and while it’s really just any other day on the calendar, each new years day fills me with renewed hope and energy.  There is a certain magic in having a specific day set in time to celebrate new beginnings. After all I’m never completely know what joys, accomplishments, challenges and pain will greet me in the future days.

January also starts the 31 Day Self-Love Challenge, part of the Love Warrior Community. A “Love Warrior” may sound like “Sparkly New Age Woodiedoo”, but it’s not! A love warrior is simply someone who chooses to energize themself with love instead of fear, greed or anger. As someone who previously fueled her life with fantasies of revenge, of needing material wealth to be happy and from the fear of never having enough, my intent is to embrace love as my energizing force. I will gladly accept the…

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