This piece speaks beyond to what ISIS is doing, and into the depths of history, wherein societal memory is all that remains. I appreciate the viewpoint, history, and facts presented in this. The points presented are rarely (if ever) brought home to us by mainstream media.

In light of my article this morning, this part really stands out to me: “In ancient Rome, damnatio memoriae – the damnation of memory – was an act that could be passed by the Senate against any person, often emperors or elites, who brought the Roman city-state into disrepute. Its intent was to remove any trace of that person so that it would be as if he had never existed.”

I shudder at the thought that this power was actually conceived of and agreed to… Obviously a point of too much power.

And then I wonder… (based on my article from this morning) what if we took that kind of power for ourselves, individually? What if we were able to release not actual memories (for I do believe they serve us), but the emotions of those memories that haunt us?

Could we then rest? Simply be? While growing. Nurturing.

I wonder.