“How rich life looks when lived in partnership….”

russell & pascal


Dear Russell & Friends,

I’ve been up for a while now.  Reading, thinking, and writing at the table in a warm quiet house on a cold day is contentedness.  I never want to take this quiet house for granted and never want to forget others who have either no shelter or no peace.  There is a sense of stewardship for both – – those blessed with shelter should not forget the poor, those who have found peace should not forget the turmoil that led them there.  What exactly does this blog mean?  As Russell and I meet in person to reflect it is apparent that it means something different, but special to both of us.  When the détente group meets at this very table we multiply those interpretations.

Earlier this week I saw Russell exercise his craft.  He knows how to code.  He made several adjustments to the blog format…

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