A reminder that one can “be the change…”

Individual Empowerment

“Once again I find mysef up against a giant, but not alone, never alone.”

I was raised with an idea of community and small business. I haven’t always lived in places where either of those ideas thrived , but I now fully embrace and understand those are a vital part of creating a sustainable world.  In college I worked for Target and had a good experience with my supervisors and coworkers. Until this last month I regularly shopped at Target for a few items like contact solution or hair bands. But now, I see they are just as bad as Wal Mart(see: the Behemouth that Bent). I paid twice as much for contact solution elsewhere, even though I’m living on a budget. It just didn’t feel right going into Target. In fact I felt kinda dirty!

These big chain stores take away customers from smaller businesses, create high traffic areas…

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