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The ideas Hugh Jackman discusses are not new. What is new is seeing the vulnerabilities and sincerity through this interview. At times his eyes fill with emotion. One can see the answers for this interview were not pre-meditated. Even for the person that has never seen any of his movies (Kate & Leopold, The Fountain, X-Men…) or doesn’t like them, one can see the openness and honesty with which he answers the questions.

Heaven is… that we are by nature truth, consciousness and bliss… within painful or hard times, there can be an experience of bliss…”
– Hugh Jackman

Paraphrasing more of Jackman’s statements… “…God (or consciousness) can be present in the midst of fear as well as joy. He infers that admitting your human nature (not denying the fear) and still finding rest in the midst is choosing to be in communion with God.

“…I just think God – consciousness – is what brings all of us together.” H.J.

Check out this 3-part interview for yourself as you relax with a cup of tea. Tell me what you think of this interview. Does it change your view of God? Confirm it? Does it change your view of Hugh Jackman? If so, how?