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People often try to think outside of the box. To free ourselves from the limitations of ________ (fill in the blank). But what if those limitations are physical? What if, like my Papa, our box consists of the confines of a wheelchair and hospital bed? Will thinking outside of the box make him ‘free’? Will hard work with his therapists be enough to remove the confines of the box? Perhaps. But will his mind still feel trapped, as he recalls how well he operated as a middle-aged man versus a 93 year old man?

When we find ourselves unable to ‘fix’ the limitations suitably, we have a choice to make: will we simply find something else to do/think/etc that enables us to nearly forget the confines? Or will we work within the confines of our limitation and discover new and amazing ways that end up leaving us limitless?

Check out this Ted Talk and you will have a clearer image: http://www.ted.com/talks/phil_hansen_embrace_the_shake?language=en