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Recently, a meme crossed my path that basically said I (you, me, we as individuals) choose the meaning of my life. In the search for meaning, does one seek out the deepest, heaviest personal meaning or does one seek out meaning that is high and lifted up, more light-weight?

Now, I dearly love Adele’s music, and Rolling in the Deep is no exception. However, this deepness is not to what I am referring! And Hillsong’s High and Lifted Up is another good song; one perhaps a bit more a propos to this discussion.

Still yet… what exactly do all this depth and and lifted-ness have to do with one another? Or do they? I contend that they are at minimal parallel, if not directly convergent upon the same path.

It is my experience that, as Francis Bacon is attributed to saying, “knowledge is power.”  When I search the depths of my soul, making a concentrated effort to move past the “small self,” or ego, I begin to come into contact with something deeper – that which goes beyond the designation of my self. I begin to re-member the universal, lasting Truths. And with that re-membering of my ego with creation, I gain knowledge. As that knowledge is attained, or I am reminded of that knowledge, so grows the power in that and I am therefore stepping onto a new plane, being high and lifted up in spirit.

Being high and lifted up relieves me of my earthly, small stuff, egotistical woes and enables me to perceive a larger picture; to attain a new and improved attitude on my ‘lot’ in life. My life suddenly becomes one that I cherish, for I once again see the beauty in relationships, nature, and, in essence, creation.

Once in this place of acceptance (that is, out of the ego/small self), often comes the urge to move forward, to make a change. Tony Campalo asserts that there, “Tends to be a disjuncture between spirituality and activism.” Worldwide Tipping Point’s website has an interesting article titled Activism versus Spirituality: The Quickest Path To Human Liberation Is… that I would like to get your feedback on.

Tell me, Readers – do you seek the depths or the heavens? Are they one and the same?

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