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I just read a post entitled, “5 Books I Would Never Throw Away” through one of the blogs I follow, Book of Words. I wanted to see if I own any of them. Not only do I not own any of them, but I have never even heard of some of them! The exclamation is not because I think I should have heard of all the books in the world(!) but because I thought I might own at least one or two on that list. Okay, granted, it was a very short list, but still….

This realization that my reading repertoire is not as extensive as I had imagined spurs me on to read all the more! Does it you? It also ignites within me the idea that I probably do not even own my 5 personal favorites. I realize that might make you gasp.

But you know how it goes…. you move, you pare down, you convince yourself that the book is not in and of itself what you love but rather the time-frame in which it was read, yaddi yaddi yaddi. And… then you move again. And again.

I now find myself with a bunch of great classics. But not one of those acclaimed classics is one that I would keep just for me (or my lineage), merely because “I” consider it timeless and moving.

In no certain order, and off the top of my head, here are MY 5 classics:

  1. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (ZAMM) by Robert M. Pirsig
  2. Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink
  3. The Giver by Lois Lowry

Ah, well, I am at a standstill. That happens sometimes. More-so when a 4 year old is on a tangent about the kind of paint it took to make his piano look the way it does.

YOUR TURN! What’s on your list of timeless classics?

Oh yeah. And I own but one of those on my list!