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Much time has passed.

I have touched on everything from health to children to libraries and archives, and stuff in between and beyond all that.

Some posts have an overwhelming amount of views. Some posts far less than I expected. Some people comment. Some contend there is no way to leave a comment.

My Papa had a stroke that worried me soooo much. (Thankfully it seems he is on the mend.)

My friend Michael Gaudet‘s new book is due out this month, I believe (Nov 2014).

My kidney function has moved from a dreadful 26% to an amazing 51% in just over 6 months.

My darling Edan is now 4 years old and still such a delight!

My other blogs are up and running again. Learning Clean Eating, and In the beginning – transplant.

Now I ask you, my readers, for I am curious: Did you vote today? Why or why not? My big push to vote was caused by someone tweeting something about having to hear, “You have no reason to complain” if you don’t vote. For the next 4 – count it, FOUR – years!