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Please help, dear readers!  I am in need of a naturopath of sorts. I am sure a handful of you know someone or know someone who knows someone that can help me (six degrees of separation, right?)!

Specifically, I need

1. A professional that believes in healing naturally (such as a naturopath, dietary endocrinologist, etc)

2. A professional that can also write prescriptions (such as a medical doctor) AND

3. A professional that has direct experience/working knowledge of post kidney transplant (such as a post kidney xplt nephrologist)

I know these people are out there somewhere in this big, wide world. I need one either state-side (within the contiguous 50 states of the U.S.A.) or in Canada. Preferably the former, at this point, since that’s where I live.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, DEAR READERS! This is of the utmost importance. I feel like I am hitting my head up against a brick wall at the moment.

Yours truly,