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The Dr. Seuss Memorial and Museum of Fine Arts.

The Dr. Seuss Memorial and Museum of Fine Arts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Seuss. It seems to me people either love his work or hate it; that is to say, there is no luke-warm. We didn’t grow up reading it because, as my mom asserts, “you weren’t interested.” However, as I watched her with my child, I soon realized that is SHE who is not interested in the children’s books of Dr. Seuss(!).

And so it is not due to his name being mentioned that I re-post this article, but rather to the remainder of the title that I bothered to even read it. It is a surprising read, and opens me up to reading more on Dr. Seuss himself.

Read this and see how adults have become ‘obsolete children’ and how we go from laughing until our sides nearly split to laughing ‘politely.’ I never did want to grow up… it had nothing to do with Dr. Seuss – but my regression just might! 😉

Dr. Seuss on “conditioned laughter,” racist humor, and why adults are “obsolete children”.