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United States Capitol

United States Capitol (Photo credit: Jack in DC)


Common Core State Standards, or Nationalized Curriculum, as some know it, is hotly debated in some circles, blithely ignored in others, loudly applauded in still others.


I do not a home school and do not even have a school-aged child, so why does this bother me?


From the minute I heard about the new curriculum, it raised a red flag, despite the promotions for it making our children ‘equalized’ educationally. Even if I were to discount my knee-jerk reaction to government telling me what to do (make that anyone!) — and states have jurisdiction over this anyway, I still object.


It is my opinion that teaching everyone the same thing will not equate in an even intellect across the nation. I think, rather, that it will dumb our society down; make college entrance exams less competitive; lessen our thirst for creativity; make us automatons; make more money for computer and textbook companies; give more power not to the people, or even to local or state government but to the US government because although each State opts in or out, once they opt in to the government program, then to whom do they yield? (And yes, I know, we the people are supposed to be the government…)


Admittedly, taking a look at President and Executive Director of Common Core Lynne Munson’s website, makes me want to take a step back. It’s very convincing. Still, my gut tells me to do further research.


I am one of the fortunate ones, who has a couple of years to do a bit of research on this and see if want to home school my child when he reaches school age. On the other hand, this could potentially reach home school children anyway, as the article below suggests…


I would be very interested to know what YOU think, particularly if you are an educator or have a vested interest in this matter.


Note: Once again, this is not a political blog – this is about CCSS, something that is already happening. I don’t care who did what when or why. I just want to know how you feel about it for your children or our society and why you think that. Not who’s to blame/thank/otherwise for implementing it etcetera. PLEASE. Thanks! 🙂


What Homeschoolers Need to Know about Common Core | CatholicMom.com.