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Migraines. Oh how I suffered all last night, since dinner time and through the night, finally dragging myself out of bed in time for my meds. I get them often but usually keep them under control so that they are not debilitating. I take preventative medication twice daily, have a couple of different kinds of ‘onset’ medicines, and drink caffeine to boot. Yes, caffeine. For me, it tends to help. I think that’s until I began having these severe onsets on a regular basis, I never drank it.

Oh, and the ‘little ones’ part of the title? That does not refer to little migraines (as if there is such a thing!) – that refers to my little one, aka my darling Edan, who my husband called precocious when I related the following story: my little one noticed the look on my face as I we were doing his bedtime routine (he just turned 3) and asked “how are you feeling?” As he often confuses his pronouns, I assumed that he wanted me to ask him the question, and was simply delaying getting to bed. So I asked him how he was feeling but instead of answering (again, not unusual!), he said, “Is Mom sad?” which of course caused my tired self to smile as I replied, “No, honey, Momma just has a headache.” He often gets a Coke for me when I feel one coming on, as he loves to help, but only upon request. Until this time! He said, “I will get Mom a Coke.” Despite my oncoming migraine, I chuckled, and explained that it was too late (turns out I should have, as I didn’t sleep anyway). He promptly, walked behind me and said he would caress me, and lifted up the bottom part of my shirt, patting the lower part of my back for 2 seconds. Then, “There, does Mommy feel better?” I hugged him, chuckling softly, saying that soothed me, and thanked him, explaining that I still needed to go take some medicine. He then told me “I want mom to go take some medicine now.” So cute, my little one!

Yes, it is sad that at just 3 years old he already knows everything about what it takes to help make Momma feel better from a migraine. I never thought a little one – such a little one – would or could be quite so caring! He hasn’t seen my husband take care of me, not really, as generally I stay in bed and my little one is off playing while my husband quietly slips in and out with a pill every several hours. So this was not even modeling. It was just my darling Edan, all on his own!

Makes me smile through the pain. And makes me write about this even though I am still fighting off that terrible migraine. At least I am functioning again. And reading The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner that my mama gave to me for my birthday. If you don’t know what EFT is, it’s Emotional Freedom Techniques, which even Harvard has done studies on. It was developed by Gary Craig, a student of Dr. Roger Callahana psychologist who, as a last resort, attempted using meridian endpoints with a patient. Both doctor and patient were shocked by the results.

EFT-tapping points

EFT-tapping points (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By the way, the tapping seemed to work the first time I tried it, for a bit, but not the second and since I am only on page 27 I have to say it’s either because I don’t know enough yet or because there are deeper issues or, most likely, BOTH. Dangit. I really need to be functional – but hey! I am! Look at me, typing away during my darling Edan and my quiet times (since he doesn’t like to nap, to my chagrin).

If anyone has ideas/methods/suggestions but better yet tried-and-true ways to get rid of migraines that DO NOT involve ingesting herbs or involving another person, please let me know. I need something that works in the moment! 🙂 And I really do think this tapping thing will work. I just have to speed read to get instantaneous results. However, I would like to retain the information..! 🙂

Oh yeah, in case you are interested, I just downloaded the Tapping for Stress Release cd for FREE from the website. AND they have a tree diagram you can print out (or just draw it yourself) that’s pretty cool so you can identify your targets – from the symptoms (the leaves) to the emotions (branches) to the events (trunk) to the limiting beliefs (roots). Pretty cool. AND – haven’t actually looked here yet, supposedly a “tapping video” on how to actually DO the tapping technique! This may have helped in the wee hours of the morning for my migraine… what can I say, I only just read that this afternoon, when I was coherent! 🙂