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Insurance. Don’t get me started. Oh, wait, I have already begun. It is a sore subject for me. And in my household. Being chronically ill, low-income, and being told that some providers won’t accept Medicare (which I have due to my chronic illness, not my age – I am too young to qualify for it on that basis), is just one more thing that I cannot control on top of not being able to control my health. It drives me up the wall.

Speaking of driving… why should I be required to have car insurance? I understand covering the person I might hit; I don’t understand allowing insurance companies to charge what they want, cover only the claims they are forced to, and holding themselves above the law (i.e.; a judge deemed me not guilty but the insurance company required me to pay extra for 3 – count it – THREE – years anyway because they determined I was at fault. WTH).

Thank you for allowing me to rant, and of course I realize that you are also welcome to have skipped over that!

The link below is an article about a week old about the Affordable Healthcare Act and how it did not account for citizens below the poverty level because at the time it was presumed(?) each state would … anyway, you can read the article yourself, and the last paragraph of the article includes links for more information on obtaining health insurance.

Or, you can skip the article and read the last paragraph here (hopefully the links will work here, otherwise you will need to go to the article). Just so you know: I am NOT MAKING a political statement. Do not read into this. I actually tried to provide links for you that are somewhat/sort of apolitical. I am just saying that I and many in my shoes hate that insurance is tied to my employer alone (yes, there is private insurance, and how much is that for someone like me?!?). But I digress. Just please note that when you comment, I am not attempting to engage in a political discourse of any kind.

If you are uninsured or do not have coverage through your employer, visit the health insurance marketplace at www.healthcare.gov to find out which health plans are available to you and how much you will have to pay. If you discover you still will not be able to afford health insurance, visit a community health center near you to get important low-cost primary and preventive care.

Obamacare Uncovered: Weighing Your Options.