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English: Organic vegetables at a farmers' mark...

English: Organic vegetables at a farmers’ market in Argentina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Food Babe‘s blog is one I follow, and this particular one is chock-full of information. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even have any controversial comments (which can happen a lot when talking about health)! It does have suggestions and personal thoughts but no one is out attacking her but rather outright praise.

I just knew I had to share her post of nearly 80 helpful ideas on staying within even a tight budget and still being able to eat organically. Of course, what she, or I, or you call a ‘tight budget’ obviously varies. But, despite some broken links (that you can easily search the web for the correct info), I think this can be helpful information for anyone looking to eat healthier without breaking the bank.

That’s exactly what we are trying to do. In fact, I began a blog about eating clean but when I noticed just how many other sites there are out there about it, I gave it up! 🙂

This blog is also full of investigations into various foods and how companies react, GMO foods, recipes, giveaways, juicing and more! Definitely worth a look…

via How To Eat Organic On A Budget.