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Garage sale

Garage sale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Has anyone ever described you to a “T,” even if s/he were referring to someone else? That’s what I mean when I say that the author of the blog to the link below just read my number! (Of course, most of you have probably heard that phrase.) It’s like she KNOWS me. And then I read all the comments after her blog post. And apparently she knows a lot of other folks, too. It seems that there are a ton of value-magnets like me; people who are drawn to those bright red and white or yellow (whatever the case may be) signs, like bees to honey. Worse, like white on rice!

And, oh my goodness, try shopping for family that you have to ship things out of the country … so 5 nieces and nephews over there, and of course I need to shop for light-weight, hopefully flat things, so maybe I can be lucky enough to find lots of small value items, but 2 are toddler-ish and 2 are teenager-ish (I hate sending money – so impersonal!) and one over there… oh wouldn’t I love for us all to just get together and get big value items and not worry about the weight or size and actually spend time with them! 🙂 And then 2 nieces out of state… hmm… maybe we should just move..? 🙂

I love to give. Not money, but gifts. We don’t have a lot of money. So it’s a good thing that I love a deal. Now if only I can remember to only get deals I (or the person for whom I am buying) will really LOVE… read on – the author of the blog link below will explain!

How Garage Sales, Clearance Sections, and Dollar Bins Can Make You Broke | Money Saving Mom®.