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English: High school students (and their paren...

English: High school students (and their parents) from the United States learn about prerequisites for veterinary school and the veterinary school admissions process at a career fair in March 2005 in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Part of me thought I might teach one day. After all, my cousin Andra and I used to play school. Either that, or that we were writers/editors/publishers of our own newspaper/magazine. Whatever involved writing kept us quite entertained, once the enjoyment of the big yellow swing outside Nanny and Papa’s house out on Lloyd got boring. Or it just became too bloody hot outside to bear it anymore. Or maybe we had worn out our welcome at sweet Myrtle Patton’s house next door. Truth is, we just loved to write. So we would set up Nanny and Papa’s TV trays in the living room, contentedly writing and talking away until someone dragged us from our writing and off to… where? I doubt either of us could remember, for anything after the enjoyment of creating could not have been much fun.


Even into college, I almost turned up with a teaching certificate. But, I didn’t want to take a 5th year of school to get it done. Perhaps if I had taken a break between high school and college…? Who knows. All I know is that I was ready to be done with school by that fourth year and so I took that French degree and off I went into the big wide world. Only to teach, not long after, in Asia, with the help of having had some very helpful teaching-geared courses under my belt. 🙂 Of course, I was quite fortunate that high school-ers over there are NOTHING like here in the good ‘ol US of A (no offense, if there’s none to be taken), where there doesn’t seem to be a modicum of manners, much less consequences for misbehavior. But, I digress…


Back to teaching. I found out why I love it! And… why I don’t. I loved it because the sum total of my 300 high school students (spread out over 6 classes) were – while still high school students who sometimes did not want to be there and showed it, etc. – the joy of my experience there! I didn’t love it because of – you guessed it – ‘office politics.’ Wouldn’t you know it! It’s every single place one goes. In your own home, even, if you look hard enough, or call it that. Sheesh.


The past few days I am looking into teaching again. I am getting so excited. This time the excitement is coming from what I, the soon-to-be-teacher, will be learning! hee hee At first, I don’t expect to be learning much. Although… my pupil has already surprised – and embarrassed me. He is somewhere between the lines of a toddler and a preschool-er and has somehow managed to memorize the planets – in order. I, however, have trouble even remembering the acronym I myself created in order to remember said planets! ha


I do expect much to come back to my remembrance (the phrase “if you don’t use it, you lose it,” is actually factual, I recently read, which makes me feel SO MUCH better). And I also expect to learn things – actually learn things this time around that, while I retained things during my school years long enough to make the grade (yes, an “A” student, believe it or not!), I have much to re-learn and re-member. One thing that helps is that this time around I am interested! And I hope to make it interesting for my pupil as well. I have been perusing far too many websites looking for good curricula…


“Good” as in age- or developmentally- appropriate, and interesting for him, and just challenging enough, and not ‘just’ worksheets, and also not too much work for me, because I am brand new at this, for this age level, and man oh man there is an overwhelming amount of information out there. Which is why I am sitting here excitedly, at nearly 4 a.m., still unable to sleep, blogging about it. This after having been looking at it for 3 hours. After trying to force myself to sleep for 2 hours. Or however long. Who’s keeping count, anyway?


So if you have any fantastic ideas for free unit thematic lesson plans for 3 year olds, send me a message, drop me a line, let me hear from you! If you are a homeschool-er in my area, let me know! I’m new at this, like I said. 🙂 I’m not looking for anything necessarily secular or particularly Christian. I’ve been looking into Montessori – type things, 5-in-a-Row, Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, you name it, I’ve looked into it. Some of it I haven’t liked it, some of it I have really liked.


Really looking forward to your input!! Questions, too, if you have any!


Thanks for reading!