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With all the woes of the world weighing upon your shoulders sometimes it can make one wonder if there are still any “good Samaritans” around. And perhaps one day at the drive-thru window the cashier tells you that the person in front of you just paid for your purchase. No? Ah, well, perhaps YOU can be that one good person in the world you’ve been looking for. If today is just not your day to reach out, no worries. There are pockets of people out there, I am convinced, who bless themselves by blessing others.

Take nine amazing women, who for THREE, yes 3, DECADES – yes, decades – served nameless others without any self-agrandizement.  The story of their ‘sisterhood, so to speak, made me think of the book-turned-movie “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood,” by Rebecca Wells. More importantly, it made me want to form my OWN sisterhood and create a similar movement in my own community!

What selfless women – and it’s not necessarily because they had more time or more funds than others. In my humble opinion, it’s because they have more HEART than others. And I am preaching to the choir, let me tell you.

As my friend, blogger and author from ImpowerYou puts forth, “How will YOU create positive change?” How will I, you ask? I’m working out a plan… tell me yours and let’s brainstorm!

The Business 9 Women Kept A Secret For Three Decades, by Lori Weiss.