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Culture. Counter-culture. Technology. Humanities. Information. Knowledge. These are the topics that Leon Wieselter, New Republic Literary Editor covered during the commencement speech at Brandeis University this past May (2013).

"Perhaps Culture is Now the Counterculture"

‘”Perhaps Culture is Now the Counterculture” A Defense of the Humanities’.

This line that hooked me when I saw it posted by a respected member of my LinkedIn community.

When i began reading it for myself, I could not stop! So many things reminded me of other things. For instance, “…a culture of data, into a cult of data, in which no human activity and no human expression is immune to quantification…” This line caused me to remember having spoken to a therapist about people that work with computers all day, and how these same people sometimes just have blank stares in place of actual eye contact or ‘true’ communication.

I have also noticed articles recently about employers wanting technologically-minded people to be versed in the humanities as well, for some types of jobs in our field (libraries/archives).

In closing: “Do not believe the rumors of the obsolescence of your path”

-Leon Weiselt