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I cover a lot of topics on this blog. And since I’ve thought of yet another one – one I’ve actually touched on a few times here – I thought I had just better start a brand spanking new blog for it, to keep this one from getting too overwhelmingly chock-full of fabulous stuff!

F&VSo check out my latest blog, Learning Clean Eating and help me out by answering my poll, which ends in a very short few days! I don’t know why I didn’t think to tell you about my new blog before now. I know some of you will be interested, because many of you have read my posts on here about clean eating, aka healthy eating. I recently became more interested in GMOs, as some of you read in my post about Cheerios and Monsanto. Which is in part what prompted the new blog. Besides, it’s always better to eat more live food (fruits and veggies – from the local farmer’s markets preferably) than processed foods!

Speaking of which, please don’t be too disappointed when you visit it – it is brand new, after all, and so, to get it going, I needed to borrow some of my posts from here to put on there. No worries, I have added to it since then. There just haven’t been that many days since then! I AM, however, always interested in user comments! Browse through the new site and see where your input is needed – seriously! This could be a fun joint effort.

Remember, there are many ways you could be part of my new blog, one of which is answering the poll that ends in just a few short days. It’s on the top right side of the home page. Just check your favorite healthy snacks. If the specific snack you like isn’t listed, just select your favorite brands listed. If even those aren’t there (so many to choose from, I had to stop somewhere!), then shoot me line in the comments somewhere and when I get enough, I’ll make a top 10, 5, or 15 for you to check out!

Thanks for reading, following, re-blogging, sharing, and working together toward eating cleaner, healthier, GMO free-er and all that jazz!