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English: inductive and deductive reasoning

English: inductive and deductive reasoning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Facebook‘s COO Ms. Sandberg says women should Lean In. Okay. I am leaning in to young what’s-his-face and letting him know that enough is enough. We’ve all read so much about Mark Zuckerburg, FB’s CEO and Founder and the details of the company’s beginning and finally going public… we know the basic history, right? Yawn. Personally, I think he was one of the lucky ones in so far as timing, people, money and technology. It takes more than brains to make something happen. Sometimes people make huge things happen without brains because they end up in the right place at the right time. Just my opinion and observations throughout life.

Of course, there doesn’t seem to be an actual way to speak with him, or to get face-to-face with him. No there are too many people like me that would love to get in his face and complain. And too many people staying on Facebook making him money through advertisers for him to care.

So what is my beef with him? Even though I have been off and on of his social media site for years (too many embarrassing times to admit!), I decided that this one last time I would try it incognito – yes, family I know, I left you out intentionally so that I could connect with people I actually have things in common with – I wanted to connect with people who share my interests in library and information science, archives, transplants, school, etc.

And so, with that in mind I started up again a few months ago and here and there began sharing some information from my blogs. Along with typical Facebook crap. You know, the silly/serious/mundane images, comments or whatever that go around. One day a pop-up appears when I attempt to log in, stating my account looks suspicious, and it forces me to input my phone number. What?!?! Fine. Since I have no other choice.

A couple of days ago I cannot log in. It takes me to a page asking me to identify people in pictures. I am nervous about this, because my friends are people I either haven’t seen in ages (and thereby don’t know their families) or they are people I am only online friends with (and thereby really don’t know their families). With a little luck and deductive reasoning, however, I pass the stupid test.

The next day it completely blocks me out of my account. For maybe 24 hours or less. The pop-up suggests reading about community blogs or something, so I do and change my username as directed. However, then it immediately blocks me out of my account again – this time for 30 – yes, I said THIRTY – days! An entire month. What the hel*.

This was 2 or 3 days ago but as you can see I am still pretty steamed about it. I don’t even have 40 friends on there this time yet, but they are quality people with shared interests, and the fact that I can’t share my own information on my own site with my own friends REALLY REALLY infuriates me.

And naturally I can no longer access any of the help questions because once has to be LOGGED IN to do so. <big weary sigh>

I want to tell them what I think and get off their site again – only this time for good – but it won’t matter one iota if it’s just me. Again. What to do, what to do…

Well, now that you’ve taken time to scan through my rant, what have you deducted, my dear Watsons? Have you, too experienced similar rants and raves caused by Facebook’s clear misappropriations of control/customer service/other?

If so, how about we start a fantastic petition on FB itself about them not taking control of ‘our’ pages?  Of course, I can’t do it. They’ve stopped all activity from me. For now. Someone else would have to pick up the ball for me… any takers?

Oh by the way – I found a nice little quote that works for them:

To exercise some sort of control over others is the secret motive of every selfish person