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Entrance of the nationally recognized Fayettev...

Entrance of the nationally recognized Fayetteville Public Library. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday the Fayetteville Public Library, or Blair Library (which is beautiful), had its annual summer reading program family program. This summer’s program is called “Dig into Reading.” It’s fantastic to have a theme to focus on – what a great way to learn!

Just like last year, I took my darling Edan and he had a blast jumping in the Bounce House, getting a balloon, listening to the music (this year by Shawn James and the Shapeshifters, which was great, with the indescribable voice and the sound of the drums, guitars, and harmonicas), and snagging a prize at the end for having so much fun! This year, due to the theme, he was also able to take part in an archaeological dig in the sand pits for dinosaurs, seashells, frog ‘fossils’ and more! We had to do that one twice, despite the gently falling rain as we departed.

Meanwhile, I signed up for the adult summer reading club, since I happen to read a lot anyway. Turns out I received a prize, too – a brand new book bag plus a bookmark/book light to boot! This was great, since my book bag was falling to pieces from so much use! We had a such a good time my ‘darling Edan’ had a giant meltdown when we returned to the car and he realized he had forgotten to play any puzzles, proving he is just like any other toddler… to my chagrin.

I love community outreach programs, as a librarian and as part of the community. What types of programs does your library do that really gets people involved? How was your summer reading program kick-off different than this one?