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Smiley from the sMirC-series. snoring

Smiley from the sMirC-series. snoring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Men snoring? Only men? The below article may be somewhat misleading. After all, not only men snore, snort or wheeze in their sleep. Many women do, too. Of course, some may have a different term for it, like “sleeping soundly,” sort of like some ladies decidedly do not sweat, but rather “glisten.”

At any rate, in my household my husband is definitely the one that snores, and I fully intend to share this article with him. If I were a man, and my wife snored, I would share it with her. Some of the points listed, I have personally thought might do the trick. Now I have some substance to back me up (which my husband does not only appreciate but subconsciencely requires). Hope this helps me and those of you that need it, too! 🙂  Happy sleeping.

When Your Husband Snores: What To Do About It | To Love, Honor and Vacuum.