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Three what, you ask? Kidneys. Yep. I’m all original and recycled to boot. Bet YOU can’t say that! Or… can you?

Okay, I admit it, I stole this awesome phrase from someone. Only I don’t know from whom, so the whole, “I’ve got three, what’s your super power?” phrase stands from anonymous.

This post is a re-blog to plea for help, to ask you to consider becoming an organ donor. Right now. A living donor. This man needs a kidney. You likely have two perfectly functioning ones in your body at this very moment. Did you know that we only need one? Maybe we were given two to help others. Just a thought. I know my dad shared with me and he is doing fine.

At any rate, the article is a good read. Please take a moment to do so, and share it with your circle of friends/family/acquaintances. You never know who might be so inclined to save a life. I know, it’s a monumental decision, to be a living organ donor. But reading and sharing the article is a no-brainer, right? Thank you, readers.

Guilford Woman Will Stop at Nothing to Find a Kidney for her Husband – Around Town – Guilford, CT Patch.