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A photograph of a man reading a newspaper

A photograph of a man reading a newspaper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hi readers! Want to know how to care for those photos you have printed out from the ‘good old days’?

Check out Amy Nickless’ blog post (a fellow archivist), who really seems to know her stuff) to find out how! She even tells you where to go to buy the materials!

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Everyone has old photos sitting around somewhere.  Have you ever thought about how they were stored?  Or how their method of storage might harm the photographs?  This post will address those issues for the traditional printed photograph.  For digital photographs, take a look at my earlier post A Digital-Age New Year’s Resolution which addresses digital media storage.  I’m basing these recommendations on a combination of what I have learned in my coursework, during my internship and volunteering, and my scrapbooking hobby.

Loose Photographs:

In an archive, all photos are stored in Mylar sleeves within record center boxes.  These sleeves are acid-free, provide stability, and prevent further damage to the photographs, such as fingerprints or creases.  While these are the best method for storing photographs, this practice would not be easily replicated at home.  Why?  The sleeves must be ordered from an archival supply service and are costly.  For at home use…

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