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You think they are cute. Small. Harmless. Then they invade. First 5, then 10, 50, and by the hundreds… They become creatures that creep into the crevices of your very dreams, weaving dreams into nightmares as the small, cute, harmless ones that don’t leave behind their corpses become larger and ever larger, all of the sudden looming up at you in the most terrible of nightmares and BOOM! You awaken, shuddering, shivering, sweating in the moonlit darkness, wondering if one of those tiny creatures is lying in wait for you under your pillow.

The Roly Poly, aka the pill bug, are not known for being scary or even much of an annoyance.

In fact, up in until recently, I, an avid detester of bugs, have even thought of them as rather cute. And not because I have ever seem them in animated form.

Now that they have begun to invade my home, however, they have not only become a nuisance, but the ones whose corpses I do not find actually grow to become a gruesome size. For a cute little roly poly, that is. I am developing a case of ‘pure upper lip curl disgust’ now when I see one of these things, even if it is outside. So sad that it has joined the rank of the vast majority of other bugs on my list. But, truly, have you ever actually looked at one of these things up close and personal? Suffice it to say that these crustaceans just aren’t all cute and cuddly like they may first appear.

English: Armadillidium granulatum Brandt, 1833...

English: Armadillidium granulatum Brandt, 1833 : Ventral view. Français : Armadillidium granulatum, un cloporte commun de méditerranée. Vue ventrale. Les cloportes forment un sous-ordre des crustacés isopodes, les Oniscides. Les cloportes du genre Armadillidium sp. ont la possibilité de se rouler en boule, ce qui est à l’origine de leurs noms dans certaines langues, dont l’anglais (par ex. pill bug, litt. bêbête-pilule). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I did some research. Naturally. And came across something “organic” by a brand called EcoSmart. Anyone heard of it or tried it? I have yet to try it myself. I don’t want more little corpses lying around. It’s sad, actually. And a bigger mess. I just want to keep these little rodents (I know, wrong terminology, but they are beginning to affect me that way!!) OUT! I am considering purchasing some from my local Home Depot (a bit less expensive than through the website).  The outdoor product they offer for the grass might be better since I don’t want to continue sweeping up a bunch of roly poly corpses – it comes either in a spray or pellets and it’s supposed to be safe for toddlers (and pets).  But what if that only serves to push them all indoors instead of out to the back of my property? Ugh.

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