I read this article in the NYTimes online assuming (because of its reputation), even though it’s an “Opinion” article, that I would learn something. Not to seem… Mr. Darcy-ish (that is, arrogant), but doesn’t everyone know sugar is a culprit? That sugar is the issue?

Admittedly, “everyone” is quite the general statement. Perhaps I should state the having read the article, instead of coming away feeling enlightened, I … wondered how this was a news flash. Oh, dear, this is coming across all wrong, I’m afraid. Do not many of us know (or know of) someone with diabetes, for example, who is not overweight? And so it stands to reason… Without further ado, allow me to share the insights Mr. Mark Bittman (whom I sure you have heard of and enjoy, as well, generally) found in the study of the journal PLoS One…

It’s the Sugar, Folks – NYTimes.com.