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Blue & Green Day.

2013-BlueGreen_Web_300x250April 19th is coming up! Get out all your blue and green stuff – wear it in honor of those who have selflessly donated eyes, organs and tissue, as well as to encourage those who are waiting for a transplant.

BlueGreen_Profile_HatI thought I was healthy. Going to the doctor for regular check-ups turned up nothing. Then one day I was told I would have been dead within the week. Some diseases are stealthy and just creep up on you. That’s how my congenital kidney disease was, rearing its ugly head up after 17 long years. Please understand that, as scary as it is, even you could be the next one waiting on a life-saving organ transplant. Please support organ donation, and encourage others to, as well. Or find out more here: http://donatelife.net/

For information on donation: www.donatelife.net