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Sometimes “me” time is just a necessity. It may come across as selfish, but it actually enables one to be a better person all-around; a better employer, or wife, or mother, or child or sister… fill in the blank. Pet owner. Chronic illnesses (like I have) coupled with common daily stresses only serve to add to this necessity. (This goes for the caregiver(s) too.) Ideally, personal time even 10-15 minutes per day is a good idea. With a toddler, I currently have a difficult time even doing that!

So when Priceline.com pulled the rug out from under my unsuspecting feet, taking me up on what I thought was a bluff for a hotel in Washington, D.C., it turned out to be a very, very good thing. And, fortunately, I found a very good rate on a flight, as well, afterwards. See that story here.



Plane animated

In retrospect, the most amusing thing that happened on my trip is that some small birds found their way onto the plane; One prior to boarding, which caused us to board late, and one right before lift-off, which meant we had to


deplane and re-board. The pilot claimed the little birdie wanted a nice warm place to be. As passengers, we were more concerned about missing our exchange in Memphis than we were amused about the birds at the time, however.

As an archivist, I of course could not miss going to the National Archives


Rotunda for the charters of Freedom at Nationa...











and the Library of Congress.


English: A 2x3 segment panoramic view of the G...

NARA was a great refresher on the preservation of cultural documents, and moving through the gallery naturally piqued my interest once again (in case it had waned). My friend and I were amazed at the difference in quality and readability between the Magna Carta


1297 copy of the Magna Carta, purchased by the...

1297 copy of the Magna Carta, purchased by the Australian Government for £12,500 from King’s School, Bruton, England. On display in the Members’ Hall of Parliament House, Canberra. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
















and the Declaration of Independence.


English: This is a high-resolution image of th...

English: This is a high-resolution image of the United States Declaration of Independence (article (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While I have yet to do my research on it because I feel bad for having neglected my readership for so long, I can at only surmise that it is the material on which it was written combined with the conditions in which it was stored. Still, I find the difference incredible, considering the difference

in years of creation.


Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard

We also were able to witness the

Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and visit the Museum of Natural History.


Museum of Natural History T-Rex

Museum of Natural History T-Rex

I think one place per day would do it, although we did more than that. And boy, were we wiped out at the end of the day.


My biggest disappointment (other than having a migraine each and every night and morning) was not being able to get that massage I had planned on. But since I… well, quite frankly, didn’t plan my time around it, I will get one here at home instead. Hopefully!


My favorite thing about the trip was coming home to hold my darling Edan in my arms, even though he most wanted me between 2:30 and 3:30 last night. Each time I said it was time to go back to bed he said, “no,” then “not yet,” then finally he concurred, realizing I just could not stay up any longer.


In real life he looked like a little Dr. Seuss character!

In real life he looked like a little Dr. Seuss character!

My darling husband is relieved to have me back, too, I can tell, as much as he enjoyed having ‘boy’ time. Now, back to his studies. Back to the stresses of school and work. And I am glad to be in his arms, again. We are both worn out. It will take some time to get back into a routine. But a change of routine is what it was all about, right? Change is good. It is healthy. It is life. Without change, what is life, after all? Boring. Monotonous. Dead.


Keep it alive! Live it up!


  • Read something new.
  • Drive home a different way.
  • Talk to a new person.
  • Watch a new show.
  • Look at a new website.
  • Check out a new blog/website (there are some listed on mine that you might like if you don’t want to find any on your own).
  • Get involved with a community event at your library (they’re usually free)
  • Look into classes at your community college (sometimes seniors are free)
  • Volunteer locally or at http://www.volunteermatch.org/
  • Join a club/group through meetup.com or somewhere else
  • Try to get a cheap trip like I did!