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OH NO! I panicked earlier today, when I felt the first pangs of angst at my little boy growing up. Is this the feeling mother’s get right before they start wanting to have another baby???

My darling Edan is now officially out of diapers. And NO I am NOT wanting to go through all that again! He isn’t even fully potty trained yet. In fact, going to the doctor’s office with him yesterday – our 1st time out of the house with only underwear – really REALLY stressed me out. But he did great. No messes. <whew>

And just for the record: No. I do not want another one. And please, please, do not tell me that my private angst about him growing up is the prelude to wanting one. PLEASE. I AM SO-NOT-READY. I may never be. My darling Edan keeps me busy enough! And besides, I may not be able to anyway. So why go there.