I read the line about going off her meds. I wondered if she was being sarcastic. It seemed like it. I wanted to know more. I began scanning, to get a feel for the writer, having never seen this blog prior. And then I came across the line that made me pause:

“…the miracle was not that I woke up basically symptom free on Monday. It was how quickly humanity had come together…”

Yes. This is a person who has been through it, delved deep within, who continues to go through it, and yet speaks to us even so.


Good News! I woke up yesterday totally healed. I have loads of energy and no pain at all. I threw out all my pills and I’ve signed up for a marathon and begin full-time work next week! Haha. Just kidding. But that would be cool wouldn’t it? I’d write my final blog post: “Well, I’m all better now. Peace suckers!!!!”

Last week I put out a call to the master of the Universe with a very modern hope that he reads blogs, and specifically mine. Well it appears, he does. Or he did. After a really tough couple of weeks with bone crushing fatigue and other relentless symptoms, I woke up on Monday…lighter. My weakness seemed to have lifted overnight and I felt energy that I hadn’t felt in a long time. It was bizarre. I didn’t think too hard about it fearing if I did it would somehow leave…

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