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Paris Exposition: Eiffel Tower, Paris, France,...

Paris Exposition: Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, 1900 (Photo credit: Brooklyn Museum)

I received a call from Paris this week. As in Paris, France. Not Paris, Texas, or Paris, Tennessee, or some other Paris in some U.S. location. Nope, I mean the real deal. The City of Lights. La Ville-Lumière.

The place many daydream of visiting. The place many dreamers go, in life and in slumber. The place of artists and cafes, wines and cheese, history and architecture, love and romance and… of all things, Shelly Brady.

Shelly Brady is the founder of the Global Organization for Organ Donation, or GOOD, for short. She has a compelling story that you can read here that led her to the amazing work of honoring organ donors. That’s right. This woman, this American in Paris, is not out to get anything from anyone. She is out to honor those (and the families of those) who have so selflessly and wholly given to others.

If there is anything she asks, it is for Oklahoma and Parisian newspapers to input a special symbol  GOOD symb in the donor’s obituary, indicating s/he was an organ donor and saved others’ lives. What a woman. What a cause. What a way to honor the donors and their families.

I have asked her how I can help spread the word in my state. Perhaps you want to spread the word to newspapers in your state or region as well?