I am always looking for parenting advice. I can’t get enough of it. I mean, I don’t appreciate unsolicited verbal advice when it’s pressuring me! What I mean is that I thoroughly enjoy learning about others’ perspectives, experiences, etc on parenting and other things.
By compiling large amounts of information on a subject, I gather up the various pieces from different places that I like the most and end up with my own parenting ideal. Which, as my child grows, so too must those ideals which I thought were for sure they only way to go. Ha. Each child is different. Including mine, it turns out! Thank you for the article to re-blog!

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Our experiences and memories of our parents are carried with us for our entire lives. The relationship a child has with their parents, in part, determine their personalities, value systems and sense of what’s right and wrong. In general, how you treat your kids not only affects their mental well being but also helps determine how they will go on to have relationships with their peers or their own children one day. The nature vs. nurture debate is one that can be argued clear unto dawn. Without placing more importance on one or the other, let’s talk about what a person can do to improve their overall relationship with their children and become closer to their families.

  • Things You Can Do Together. Engaging your kids in activities that both of you can do together is essential to building and maintaining a relationship with your children. We…

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