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I have been wondering what is recylable (did I just invent a new word? I say it all the time…) and what is not – this reblog mentions something to that affect – and other such things and here I came upon this! Awesome. Or, as my son is about to say, “awesome, opossum, mom!”


Individual Empowerment

I have found some intriguing articles about science, progress, and actions people are taking to move our world forward in a positive direction. Change is as inevitable as breathing.  It is what we all rely on to grow and enjoy life. It can be scary, but once we adapt it is often amazing. I love reading about science because there are so many possibilities when new discoveries are made.

Community Electricity Gardens? Electricity co-ops are nothing new and are a great way to create a more involved community.  Change the electricity from coal to a sustainable source and you get the added benefit of helping the planet. Like community gardens, a community solar garden is goof fr everyone.  Colorado is building a second community solar garden to meet the electric needs of a growing population after the success of their first one last year.  SunShare is the first municipal utility…

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