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Feeling the urge to give. Wanting to give. Isn’t that ironic. “Wanting.” To give. It’s still a want. A strong desire. A need. Yes, givers are needy, too. Wealthy givers, poor givers… it doesn’t really matter. The difference is that Givers don’t feel needy. At least, that’s not the word they would choose to define the feeling. The word might be closer to compassion. Or empathy, even.

Correct me if I’m wrong, fellow Givers. I like to give. I really enjoy giving. I wish I had an endless supply of money so I could buy things left and right, whether it be little stuff or big stuff, or forget the stuff make it experiences, or… time.

English: Father Time and Baby New Year from Fr...

English: Father Time and Baby New Year from Frolic & Fun, 1897 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time is always a good thing to give, but not something I am always good at giving. That is something my mom values most. And so for special occasions for her I try to set aside special time just for her and I. Or day with her children.

Time is a difficult resource to give. I find myself wishing I could give blood (but who wants blood with a bunch of immunsuppressants and meds in it, all toxic and stuff), or something. I have donated my time, but that was before I became a mom. (But I am SO thankful to be one! I waited many, many, many years for this!)

And tonight I came upon a website as I was doing research for my previous post for you, my dear readers, called DonorsResource.org and I was reminded of in-kind resources. I should have known, from my time in marketing and advertising, that not all things are either paid for or pro-bono. There is this in-between thing of you offering your services in return for another, basically. Like bartering. Not a new idea. An old idea re-dressed, on might say.

So, if you are a Giver and looking for a few ideas… ImageConsider giving to your community today: blood donation; bone marrow donation; live organ donation; cadaver organ donation; tissue donation; time, food, money or other in-kind resource donations to your community for things that are important to you!