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This evening’s meal was most satisfying. And that is something for me to say. I really, really just don’t enjoy a slab of meat on my plate. I like meat cut up in something, like fajitas, or goulash, or… something.

It was a group effort, this meal that my husband so thoroughly enjoys each and every time, and our son and I typically just manage to get through. Of course, Edan is not yet 2 1/2, so he is only now learning how to properly chew a steak well!

My husband and our darling Edan.

My husband and our darling Edan.

(Or is it that we are only now learning to properly cut it thin enough?) Hunny and Edan grilled filet mignons (peppered, room temp, then high heat, approx 10 min/side) and asparagus while I baked diced potatoes with some spices and herbs, sauteed some mushrooms and onions, and threw some buttered bread in the oven just for good measure. What a spread!

I think this is another one of those meals that my darling Edan will be talking about for days on end! (The last one was a GREAT marinade on pork chops – which we never eat, with rice and baked asparagus.)