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(You’ll ‘get’ the title once you watch the video – promise!)

My husband walks in the door, two big projects completed this week, so he is talkative. He stands near the stove fixing himself some dinner (okay reheating some leftovers in the microwave). And out of the blue he starts talking about some Heywood Banks character that his Uncle Dana had him listen to (UD is always finding different folks to listen to that I/we have never heard of) on Youtube. I wonder, “what now?” but don’t say anything, glad my husband hasn’t come home too wasted to bother conversing.

He tells me about a… well he prefaces the video by telling me about the video and I wonder how sacrilege the video will be because it is, after all, about a figure of Jesus. Turns out, I actually thought it was funny, too. Please, if you are easily offended, realize this is not my intent, and just skip watching this.

Big Butter Jesus – YouTube.