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I admit it: I have a notebook I am filling with great ideas for exercises. Easy, great ones like in the article below. And I have stopped filling that notebook because it is too easy to ignore or dismiss or forget about. Now, I tape them to my bedroom wall. Well, I did. But that just looked ugly, and made me feel guilty for not doing it as I went to bed, too tired to bother. Or woke up, too tired to bother. So now they are on the back of my bedroom door. And my, don’t they look nice and inspiring. For now, though, it’s all I can do to get in the workout my PT had me start doing to strengthen my back and shoulders so my neck doesn’t have to do all the work and cause me migraines…

In short, then, this is for my readers. Enjoy!

Flat Belly Exercises – How to Get a Flat Belly by Jorge Cruise – Good Housekeeping.