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English: asparagus

English: asparagus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This looks really good. I hate canned vegetables and I hate when I overcook fresh or canned ones. Just tried this tonight – it’s great! Someone suggested balsamic vinegar, too (if you like that kind of thing, try it, but go easy on it). Had much better luck than when I tried roasting broccoli., which I think might still be on my Pinterest board (located under my uncategorized posts, still, possibly). Of course, broccoli is really it’s own cup – er, grove – of… uhm… foliage.

Oh yes… I also read that asparagus can cure cancer (yes, I said cure – one of my friends tried it and was free for years and years) and help with kidneys! Amazing vegetable, this is. Okay, I know this cancer cure with asparagus is highly disputed and you can see the link below for snopes.com, the most succinct and unbiased report I could find in short form. An excerpt:

Asparagus is high in the micronutrient glutathione, an antioxidant. Glutathione is said to defend the body against viruses, certain types of cancer, and boosts immune cells. Antioxidants have long been touted as one of the keys to preventing cancer.

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