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If you’re lazy like me – okay, maybe that’s too strong a word – if you’re… too busy like me… because, let’s face it, for those of us who are not ‘into’ exercise, there is always something else to do. Like clean house, change dirty diapers, grocery shop… necessary things, yes.
But then I look at myself, having never been raised to do anything but “be productive” and here I am, not yet 40, and I ache like an 80-year-old must ache, have days I can’t function because of migraines (which my PT says is in part due to how weak my back and shoulders are), and have a tummy hanging out to boot.
So I’ve decided to print off this 15 minute workout and GIVE myself “me time” to do it. My body actually needs this. I would wager yours does, too.

The Plan


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