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I'd like to rub your tummy, please

I’d like to rub your tummy, please (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hey this doesn’t look too hard! I have been trying to get rid of that leftover tummy from transplants and pregnancy – maybe this will work! Check it out.

It’s actually not about exercising, it’s about how to jump-start your day with the right thing to keep that metabolism going. Like (to my surprise) fruit. I mean, fruit makes me hungry, but this says it gives you energy and… ah well I don’t want to misquote – there are lots of other great things you can eat, too. Read on!

‘Should I try the new cookie diet’?

‘Maybe I need to exercise harder’!

‘I am eating healthy…but still…’

Losing weight has been one of the most burning issues amongst men and women since time immemorial. Mankind has stepped on the moon and invented the nuclear bomb but still has been unable to figure out an effective and foolproof way of losing weight. Probably no other issue has been the cause of millions of articles, shows, debates, theories, research studies, diet plans and agony.

But still, the answer eludes us. How does one lose fat? The answer to that varies, as different experts will have different opinion and solutions. But some facts remain constant and it is an undeniable fact that fat loss is a gradual process. We know you have heard that line a zillion times before, but think of it this way; you didn’t put on that extra weight…

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