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Watch out when you bluff. I only do it when I am absolutely certain that I have no qualms about losing. Little did I know that I had qualms about winning! Yep. I was bluffing. I was just messing around with good ‘ol Priceline.com for some really good rates in Washington, DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival. My friend from (Boston, MA) and I (from Northwest Arkansas), who only see each other about every 4 or 5 years, had discussed meeting there (not really halfway but a great spot), right down to the weekend. I still didn’t think I could afford it, as good of an idea as it sounded. So I didn’t mind doing a little gambling without giving my friend or my husband any kind of heads up about what I was doing.

Naturally I did my research first. And naturally my first bid was rejected. So I put in another area (another good one!) and lowered – yes lowered – my bid. And they accepted! <gulp> I had only talked about saving money for the trip at this point. I had only mentioned the remote possibility of needing a sitter. And now here I was bound to it. No refunds, no nothing. And this is when I discovered that while I am willing to lose a bluff before I put it out there, I am NOT necessarily willing to win it!  And here I thought that I am not a gambler because I am afraid of losing.

Since I won that gamble, I am committed. Now on to planning the rest of my trip! Somewhere on the “Visiting the Capitol” website I read that the United States

English: The dome of the United States Capitol...

English: The dome of the United States Capitol at night Washington, D.C., USA Deutsch: Die Kuppel des US-Kapitols bei Nacht Washington, D.C., USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Capitol is “one of the most architecturally impressive and symbolic buildings in history.” Something like that. Now that I want to find it again, it seems to have disappeared. Wanting to find out just who thinks such things (other than the author of that statement), I went on a search. And kept searching. Well, those who seek, it turns out, really can find. So I can now happily announce that I will soon be seeing one of the Top 10 historic building destinations in the world! Having been there, done that notwithstanding… Knowledge changes everything: I know I will enjoy this much more this time around!

And I am so happy to be traveling again! I haven’t been anywhere since… uhm… 2008..? Whenever the last time was that we went home to Newfoundland, Canada, where my in-laws are. Toooooooo loooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnng. And this trip is even a GIRL’S TRIP! WOW. THAT hasn’t happened since my sister flew out to Savannah, Georgia to see me back in 2000! It’s about time, I say!