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The written word endures. Be sure to create it...

The written word endures. Be sure to create it . . . and preserve it. – NARA – 518154 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you love to read, and are convinced that by-and-large the written word is far better than the ensuing films, check out this list of some of the Best Picture Nominees and the stories behind them.

Dive Into the Written Works Behind This Year’s Best Picture Nominees — The Good Men Project.

On a side note….  if all my reblogs from the goodmenproject.com aren’t evidence enough that I like what they have to say… It’s leaving me with nothing to say because I am so involved with everything THEY have to say and I so want to share it with YOU that all I end up doing is advertising THEM! ha I think they are beginning to bug me. Just kidding. On a more serious note, aren’t I, as the creator of this blog, supposed to be putting in some of my own stuff now and then? Not just some things that I think my readers might find interesting and/or helpful? You might want to check out some of the fantastic or otherwise thought-provoking articles at  http://goodmenproject.com/  It’s a great site.