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Diagram of stem cell division and differentiat...

Diagram of stem cell division and differentiation. A – stem cell; B – progenitor cell; C – differentiated cell; 1 – symmetric stem cell division; 2 – asymmetric stem cell division; 3 – progenitor division; 4 – terminal differentiation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Japan researchers say kidney tissue grown from stem cells (Update).

Interesting read with interesting links. If this science turned into something we could use instead of people donating their organs, we wouldn’t have to worry about organ donation awareness… That would be so great. No guilt trips for anyone, no more people dying while waiting on transplantation… it’s exciting, where science and technology can lead us!

Wish I could “follow” it as a blog or something but since it’s not a blog I can only follow it on Twitter. Not near as good of an option.

Did you know some scientists have figured out how to grow stem cells without using embryonic stem cells? I read that several months ago. Need to find that link… Well, here’s the latest (today), and straight from Smithsonian.com, no less!