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Brian Martindale, kidney donor for Bay City 10-year-old Jessica Schwerin, says poor sales could close his business | MLive.com.

A lot of people are going through hard times right now. This recent organ donor is, too. If you are in the Bay City, MI area, drop by his shop Karma Inc Apparel and see if anything interests you. Or, if you know of someone hiring (he says he’s open to closing up shop and getting a new job if need be) let him know.

(Brian Martindale helped 10-year-old Jessica Schwerin – what a saint. News stories don’t give all the details. It is protocol for hospitals NOT to take an organ from someone who is not completely, 100% healthy, so please don’t get on a kick about something being his own fault. He’s not looking for handouts, I don’t think.)

Thanks! Christina