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Organ Donation

Organ Donation (Photo credit: GDS Infographics)


Project MUSE – Living Organ Donation.


Wow this is definitely worth reading. The only live donor I know is my dad (who doesn’t talk about it).


This woman raises issues that I have heard (even as a recipient) about reasons not to donate and how even family members of the one in need don’t want to get tested (as I have experienced).


Very interesting and enlightening for me. Perhaps it will be for you, too! There are many other stories on the site, too, that I have yet to read. And I’m sure there are some that are less-than-positive.


There are so many factors. For example, I know that my dad and I did not like my/our surgeon or hospital. I also know that I have learned a lot about the process since then, having had 2 more xplts since then (which sort of changes your initial impression. A bit). We also loved, loved, loved our transplant team there and the ones I’ve had since then have left a LOT to be desired but then the rest of the experience has more than made up for it.


And other factors that I cannot touch having not read the other stories. Hope you find this as interesting as I did. Or at least a bit.


Enjoy the rays of sunshine if it’s out today. Enjoy listening to the rain if you that’s in your day/night.